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Packed My Bag and Moved out!

I am now at

I am disabling comments here and will probably take down all the posts located here. Don't worry though, everything is already relocated at BigSend World!

Unfortunately, I can't (or don't know how) to set up a redirect on blogger. I doubt you can since I'd need to get into the deep HTML stuff. htaccess files.

Oh well, This will due!

See ya at my new domain!

PS. You can contact me, for any reason, at bigsend (at) bigsendworld (dot) com

My Vision for BigSend World

All right! Its finally here!

I put like 72 straight hours of work into getting this to run and here is my tale and my vision. (this is also my first blog post written on here).

About 3 weeks ago I ran into some problems with blogger. I backed up the theme and decided to change things around, but some mistakes were made and it kind of messed up. So I went ahead and loaded the back-up I just made, but the backup contained none of my custom information. It was just a back up of the general theme! So I lost everything. However, I was able to recover just about everything on Google Cache. Wheeeew!

But at the same time, I was tired of blogger and wanted to move out. That same day I get comments and emails from a bunch of different people telling me it was time to move on from blogger. All the signs were in place.

Unfortunately, around this time I was studying for my finals and couldn't put the amount of focus into it yet (in fact, my blogspot is still fucked from the theme explosion).

I had it in my mind to just use wordpress and in fact Ryan from YangTown (a killer blog) sent me an email about which plugins to get and what-not. However, Another friend SDH (internet entrepreneur, one of his sites here) who contacted me and consulted me a bit also. He told me about Drupal (which is the blog software I am using now). Drupal is way more than a blog, it facilitates the creation of a community.

Drupal is definitely not easy to use. I had to go deep into this monster's belly and even change the MySQL information. In fact, importing my blogger posts into Drupal was a horrific task which required me to use very, very Beta programs. But it worked anyway!

Right now, I would say I am 75% away from finishing off the basics of BigSend World. I still need to put all my blogrolls back and get my affiliates in order.


Honestly, I never felt so invigorated till I started studying Law of Attraction. I definitely have many to thank for pushing me on this path including RockStar Casanova, YangTown, Ricky and many others. I am really just one of many guys out there doing this shit. So even though I own BigSend World, I want it to be a place where other passionate people can come and start a blog based around Law of Attraction, Dating & Relationships, and general life style.

I know that slightly sounds like extorting others, but in no way is that true. If someone wants to start a blog, starting one on an established web page which already generates traffic is a huge advantage---compare that to starting off in an unseen URL on blogger? Then, when a contributor wants to leave and start their own domain, I would be more than happy to help them on that journey too.

For now, I am the only contributor and that is totally fine. The beauty of Drupal is it gives that option. I can have as many contributors as I want. Hostmonster (my hosting company) offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space, so you can put anything you want on here. No problem. 1000 Gbs, who cares! hah

Along with contributors, regular visitors can make an account too. No real need, but I want to make this place very easy and friendly to leave comments. I may even start a forum, though I do not want to spread this blog out too thin. I want this BigSend World to be jam packed with information and resources around Law of Attraction, Spirituality, and Dating/Relationships. Life Style too of course. Having your own user account will just make leaving comments much easier since you won't need to input your personal information every time.

I am very excited about this. I even foresee having podcasts and teleconferences with real Gurus from Authentic Man Program, Ideagasms, and anyone else aligned with our journey



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