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Blog Took a Trimming

As I was in the process of changing templates, blogger of course deleted every non-standard widget in the process.

What really gets to me is I used bloggers backup option to save a safe copy of my template, but that back up did not include any of the widgets. It was just a back up of the general layout.

I would have expected more from blogger/google---I mean saving a back-up should IMPLY saving every aspect of the blog in its current state. So, I am considering just buying my own little domain and hosting the blog there where I have full control. It is about time ya know.

With school at its peak right now, I don't have time (probably 5-10 hours of long tedious, copy and pasting) to fix this up. So I guess it will be left like this for now. Content is all here.

Seems like at the same time crapped out on my links. That is okay. I think all signs are pointing for me to change up this blog by now. I'll give it a new look and a new domain. I can afford it now :-)

To my affiliates and people who linked me: sorry for this. This will be fixed soon and if your links are not up after fixing, just let me know. I will try my best. This will be after June 12th (after my finals) when I can devote serious time to this. I have a few old back ups I could refer to and I saved the google cache version of this page. (thank god for that!)

For now, does anyone have suggestions on online hosting? I am thinking of Wordpress through Dream Hosting. I'd like a place that can shorten my URLs and track them (without using 3rd party and offer all the jazz bloggers need to keep track of stuff. I'm not sure if dream hosing offers this..

With coupon code "somethingawful" you can get dream hosting for 500 Gbs Storage and 5TB transfor for $5.95/mo...

Let me know, leave a comment or email me: bigsend (at) gmail

Thanks guys!!

UPDATE: I salvaged an old template. Sweet, I still plan to redo everything though and the fucking simurl links don't work :(

Ah, yea dude, I'm surprised you've stuck with blogger for this long! You have tons of great content that has been sitting on this generic blog host for ages. I think it's time to pack up your bags and blog with the big boys:)

I did this about a year ago, basically getting my own hosting service, domain, and wordpress. It was actually fairly easy transferring everything from blogger to wordpress (blog posts & all comments). Not to mention, that having your own domain will have a much bigger impact on your SEO. When I switched, I saw a HUGE spike in search engine traffic within a month or two.

Be careful with Dreamhost, I've heard some horror stories with them. I've been using Midphase myself which has worked fine so far. Also, I've heard some great things about Hostgator so maybe check them out too.

Good luck and if there is anything I can help with, let me know!


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