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All right,

So finals will be over in a week, but in the mean time I went ahead and bought! Turns out just plain old bigsend is already taken and though I am in contact with the owner, its hard to say at this point which way it will go.

Either way, I really like BigSend World, it has this colossal feel to it. Special thanks to SDH for the suggestion.

Thanks to all the people who contacted me and offered advice, very much appreciated.

Other than that, looks like simurl is back up. That is good, but I still plan to migrate out of that.

I salvaged most of my template through using google cache, but really I am extremely disappointed in blogger. So for now I joined HostMonster which seemed like the best deal. Only issue is if I make is extremely big, the place may not be able to handle a large server load.

So with that, stay tuned, major changes are going to take place and I want to get much more serious about this blog. Update it at least once a week and take this internet thing as far as I can take it!

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